Saturday, January 12, 2013

Majority of Netflix Traffic Uses its Free CDN; Brings Super HD

Netflix announced that Netflix Open Connect (see "Netflix Launches an Independent CDN Service" - here) is "now delivering the majority of Netflix international traffic and is growing at a rapid pace in the domestic market .. Netflix Open Connect is now widely deployed around the world, serving the vast majority of Netflix video in Europe, Canada and Latin America, and a growing proportion in the U.S., where Netflix has over 25 million streaming members"

Reed Hastings (pictured), CEO, Netflix said: "Leading-edge ISPs around the world such as Cablevision, Virgin Media, British Telecom, Telmex, Telus, TDC, GVT, among many others, are already participating in Open Connect to provide the highest-possible quality Netflix service to consumers"

"Now available through Open Connect partners, Netflix Super HD is the highest quality video format offered by Netflix, providing an even better picture on 1080p HDTVs .. Netflix members can verify if their ISP is part of Open Connect and provides access to Netflix Super HD and, in the U.S. only, 3D on this Web site:"

See "Netflix "Open Connect" Delivery Network Gains Widespread Global Acceptance" - here.

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