Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Netflix - New Site Shows ISP Performance for US, UK, Scandinavia and more

Netflix announced it has launched the "'Netflix ISP Speed Index', a new Web site that gives consumers insight into which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide the best Netflix streaming experience .. the new Web site provides an easy overview of the performance of ISPs in several of the countries Netflix is available in. Updated on a monthly basis, the site allows for easy comparison of ISPs in a country as well as international comparisons. At launch the Netflix ISP Speed Index includes data for the U.S., Mexico, Ireland, U.K., Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland"

Now, with global performance information Netflix finds that (see previous US report - here):
  • At 3.35Mbps, Google Fiber in the U.S. provides the highest average Netflix streaming bitrate anywhere Netflix is available
  • After Google Fiber, Sweden's Ownit delivers the highest average Netflix bitrate at 2.99 Mbps
  • Netflix members in Finland receive, on average, the highest bitrates, while members in Mexico have the slowest connections, on average
  • Scandinavia proves its reputation as a great broadband region, all ISPs in Denmark, Sweden and Finland delivered averages above 2Mbps

See "Netflix "ISP Speed Index" Shows Best Internet Service Providers For Streaming" - here.

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