2012 Survey Report

During January 2012 I asked my readers to participate in a survey on Broadband Traffic Management (BTM) trends - DPI, policy management, Value-added Services, Over-the-Top competition and congestion management for mobile and fixed operators. The main focus of the survey was on how operators will be using the technology.
84 of the Blog loyal readers took the time to respond, and helped us understand how BTM will help and be used by service providers to meet their business current challenges: increase revenue, solve network congestion problems and compete with Over the Top (OTT) content and services: 
  • 88% of the survey responders said that mobile network operators should treat OTT service providers as a Partner or an Opportunity; 48% think that OTT providers should be charged for using the network (see chart below for other answers; multiple choices were allowed, N=82).
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  • Using DPI based traffic shaping is the most likely way mobile operators will use for congestion management in 2012
  • Data caps is the most likely policy management use-case to be implemented by MNOs in 2012
  • Network intelligence reporting is the most likely DPI based use-case to be implemented by fixed operators in 2012. P2P file sharing control is no longer a major use-case.
The survey has additional questions on Value-add Services, operators’ plans to deploy traffic management systems and more. For an executive summary of the survey's results - please contact me here; the full report is available for purchase ($245) - here.