Sunday, April 20, 2014

Report: LTE does not Increase Data Traffic Exponentially; No Shift to Video

 Amdocs released new "research into mobile traffic, showing an almost complete shift from voice to data. based on the analysis of more than 4 million voice and data connections from more than 100,000 mobile devices at some of the busiest network locations around the world in the past twelve months. 
Key findings include:
  • 2013 was the busiest year to date for mobile networks. Traffic doubled with the busiest square kilometers carrying up to 100 GBytes per day
  • The share of network traffic from data has grown to 98 percent – up from 90 percent in the previous 12-month period .. 

  • LTE (4G) improves customer experience but does not increase data traffic exponentially..
  • Data traffic becomes the primary source of subscriber issues
  • The Impact of LTE:  Better data experience, Data dominates even more, No shift to video (we didn’t detect subscribers using mobile data in new ways. We didn’t see an increased usage high bandwidth data services (i.e video))
 See "Amdocs Research: 98 Percent of Mobile Network Sessions Now Data" - here.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Citrix: Smartphone Users Want Sponsored Data; Blame MNOs for Video Stalling

As we say here -"if it is free, give me two". So it is true also for "Sponsored Data", according to a recent survey by Citrix.

"The survey of adult smartphone and tablet owners, conducted by Wakefield Research found that a majority of subscribers say they exceed their mobile data quota (and watching Video is not the prime reason!) – even more fear exceeding it"

  • 82 percent fear the data usage impact of mobile apps on their monthly data limit and have avoided using an app because of that fear. Subscribers using iPhones are more concerned about data overages than Android smartphone subscribers (66 percent versus 48 percent)

  • 67 percent of those who watch at least one mobile video per month say they have exceeded their monthly data limit. This drops to 36 percent for those who watch less than one mobile video per month
  • 71 percent of men and 62 percent of women would engage more if sponsored data plans were available.

See "Citrix: Mobile Data Users Fear Exceeding Their Quota, Open to Sponsored Data Plans" - here.