Friday, April 29, 2011

[update-2] The Royal Wedding Challenge - Who will be the First to Publish Traffic Statistics? [Sandvine!]

Memories from the Royal Wedding are still fresh - and Sandvine (of Canada) has already released an initial report (see previous posts here and here).

Tom Donnelly reports to the company's blog that "Early observations show that over-all downstream traffic in North America this morning increased by around 20% over the same period last week, led by increases in video formats like RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocols) and Flash.  HTTP traffic also increased as a result of throngs of Royal Watchers reading the news online.  Over the course of the coverage, the peak was reached between 6:30am (EST) and 6:45am, before dropping off quite quickly".

Note the early hours for the North America viewers.

See "Sir Internet – A Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight Preview" - here and chart below.

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