Sunday, December 11, 2011

America's Entrepreneurs Need More Bandwidth, Open Internet and Oppose SOPA

Engine Advocacy, a new organization, was established to "to create an environment where technological innovation and entrepreneurship thrive by educating, collaborating, and involving startups in shaping policy".

So what are the issues that hold entrepreneurship in America? there are many as can be seen here. Among them are some that are relevant to the issues often discussed in this blog:
  • Open Internet: The Internet's fundamental openness allows innovations to be implemented by users of the network, rather than only by network operators.
  • Copyright: New distribution technologies are making it easier for anyone to reach a broad audience and make money. Copyright needs to allow these new technologies and new creators to succeed.
  • BroadbandThe level of innovation enabled increases as more people have access to faster data pipes. Policy should reflect incentives for expanding both access and bandwidth.
  • Spectrum Reform: More spectrum needs to be made available for both licensed and unlicensed uses, in ways that new innovators can take advantage of.
Nowadays, Engine Advocacy is fighting the recent Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA - see "Proposed US Bill Requires ISPs to [Use DPI] Block Sites by Domain Name" - here) and the PROTECT IP Act, (PIPA) US bill proposals.

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