Thursday, December 29, 2011

PCRF Deployments [112]: SK Telecom [Korea] Signs a $1.7M Deal with ntels for LTE

My daily search came up today with a message in Korean, for which I could not find any English source, and had to trust the Google translator.

According to the translation, ntels, closed a PCRF (probably this product) contract with SK Telecom, for 1.95B Won ($1.69M).

The report to the Korean stock market (here) explains (to my best understanding)" This Agreement is for the 4G mobile networks (LTE) wireless policy traffic management, to provide a system for efficient QoS control function"  

See (and correct me if I am wrong) "엔텔스, SKT와 19.5억 규모 공급계약" - here.

See also "Complaint against SK Telecom & KT for Blocking VoIP over 3G (Using DPI)" - here.

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