Monday, March 10, 2014

[LightReading]: SDN/NFV Still Doesn’t Show Capex Savings for US MNOs

Sarah Reedy [pictured], Senior Editor, LightReading shows that despite the SDN/NFZ buzz, the great Capex saving are not yet there (at least for 2014).

"SDN and NFV have operators planning for lower capital expenditures, but that's not yet being reflected in their projections for 2014 .. AT&T [see "AT&T Expects SDN and NFV to Reduce Capex in 5 Years" - here]Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile US have all wrapped up their fourth-quarter earnings, and on average, their wireless capex projections for this year are flat, none significantly decreased".

Tier-One US Wireless Operators' Capex: 

2012 Capex2013 CapexProjected 2014 Capex
AT&T$19.7 billion$21.2 billion (wireless: $11.19 billion)$21 billion
Verizon Wireless$16.2 billion $16.6 billion (wireless: $9.4 billion)$16.5 - $17.0 billion
Sprint $5.37 billion$7.45 billion$8 billion
T-Mobile$4.2 billion$4.3 - $4.6 billion
Source: operators' Q4 earnings reports

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