Monday, March 3, 2014

Optimization Deployments [293]: MTS [Armenia] Deployed Teclo TCP Acceleration

Teclo Networks announced that "VivaCell-MTS Armenia has deployed Sambal to enhance the speed of the mobile internet for its subscribers. Thanks to Sambal, the Armenian operator has already boosted network speeds remarkably and reduced retransmissions by over 10 percent, resulting in faster internet for customers across the network".

VivaCell- MTS is Armenia’s leading mobile operator, with 2.1M subscribers (1.7M are pre-paid)

About Teclo's optimization technology (see also "Teclo Networks Unveils Most Comprehensive TCP Data Optimization Product" - here):

"TCP/IP does not interact efficiently with radio networks. A few packets of data lost at the wrong time in a mobile broadband network leads to extended pauses in downloads and web page loading. This leads to frustration and dissatisfaction for the customer and more often than not a swift departure to another provider.Sambal has been measured to achieve 30% speedups in typical mobile broadband networks. This is achieved solely by optimising TCP/IP behaviour to make it operate much more effectively towards a lossy and high latency radio network"

See "VivaCell-MTS Armenia Appoints Teclo Networks for High-Speed Mobile Internet" - here.

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