Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Telus to Start Charging for Usage ("it is fair")

Telus announced (here) that for "select customers in Prince George, BC and surrounding areas, additional usage charges will apply for usage over your Internet plan’s monthly data allowance beginning June 1, 2014. Customers included in this trial will be notified through a message on their April Internet bill. For an electronic copy of your bill, login to your TELUS Home Services account and select Download/Print on your TELUS e.Bill page"

Telus usage allowance ranges between 15-500GB/month, according to the service plans. Maximum charge will be $75 for additional usage of 350GB or more.
  • "Why is TELUS tracking my Internet data usage? Monitoring Internet data usage – and allowing customers to track and view their own usage – ensures all customers are on a plan that is right for them, and can clearly understand how they are using their Internet service.
  • Why is TELUS charging for use over the monthly data allowances? It’s fair that people pay for how much they use, as you would with any other service. Our goal is to offer customers a broad spectrum of plans that meet everyone’s needs, and to get customers on the right plan for them".

Monthly Rate Plan
Monthly usage allowance
Total Data Usage
Additional Usage
Additional Charges
Total Charge
150 GB
225 GB
75 GB
$55 + $15 = $70
150 GB
525 GB
375 GB
$55 + $75 = $130
250 GB
410 GB
160 GB
$60 + $35 = $95

1 comment:

  1. this makes no sense. saying the reason to get you on the right plan is not a reason to implement these new usage plans. I myself will be getting rid of my phone and internet!!!!