Thursday, April 29, 2010

DPI Deployments - Part8: Cricket - Quota with Traffic Management

Fierce Wireless reports on new Cricket/Leap Wireless (US Mobile operator) service plans - "Leap experimenting with new unlimited broadband plans" (here). 3 new plans will be offered, all with a monthly byte cap - 2.5, 5 or 10G.

However, once the cap is reached (in a rolling 30 days period), the data service does not stop or overcharged with ridicules rates - instead the effective download/upload data rate may go down ("penalty" in policy management terms).

Nice example of using subscriber-based policy management with QoS equipment. The solution comes from Sandvine and Openet - see a Sandvine press release issued earlier this year - "Sandvine Supports Cricket Broadband Internet " (here).

Cricket's definition for the "penalty" (here):

"Usage. This is the amount of data that you can upload and download in a rolling 30-day period before Cricket's Fair Use Policy may reduce your speed. Once the rolling 30-day data usage is below your rate plan Usage Level upload and download speeds will be restored. These Usage Levels affect only a small percentage of our customers and help ensure optimum performance for all Cricket customers."

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