Monday, April 26, 2010

Skype to EU Carriers: "The Network is not Yours"

In a recent post to "The Big Blog" (Skype's HQ News), Skye's Director for EMEA Government relations. Mr. Jean-Jacques Sahel, is asking the EU for "freedom on the web" - here.

While we do see new initiatives in certain European countries for Net Neutrality ("Net Neutrality in France - "we need some regulation" - here), Skype is concerned by the approach of the larger European carriers to "to charge Internet companies fees to run data on “their” network".

As an example, he brings the story of Orange France allowing only premium accounts to use VoIP (this was mentioned above post as well). See also "Orange allows mobile VoIP for EUR 15/mo plus data costs" - here.

Related link: "Skype Rising Usage - Best Example for the Net Neutrality Fight" here.

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