Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Net Neutrality in France - "we need some regulation"

We were waiting for the ARCEP conference on Net Neutrality in France (see "Net Neutrality Train Next Stop: France (?)" - here).
In the meantime we saw how things have changed quickly in the US - reducing the likelihood that Net Neutrality will become a regulation there.
The conference took place as planned (agenda - here), and was concluded by Jean-Ludovic Silicani, président de l’ARCEP (French regulator), setting "5 main conclusions" (document, in French - here) - including:
  • The Internet business (ISP, Content providers) should be transparent
  • A certain degree of traffic management should be allowed, when congestion occurs and it is done in a transparent and non-discriminating way. It is expected that there will be differences between fixed and mobile carriers
  • A certain level of regulation is needed - the internet eco-system cannot be exclusively self-regulated
This sounds very similar to the FCC proposed guidelines for Net Neutrality. During the day, it was mentioned that French MNOs are/were blocking VoIP (Skype), while they are investing Billions of Euros in network infrastructure - the classical Net Neutrality conflict. See more here.

Mr. Silicani concluded by hoping that France could lead the "Global Net Neutrality" discussion.

Video interviews with conference participants available here.

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