Thursday, July 9, 2015

Comviva Enhances PCRF with Shared Devices and Users Data Plans

Mahindra Comviva has introduced its "latest version of the Smart Policy Controller Ver.5.0 .. the new version is capable of handling over 100 million subscribers on single server and support Convergent Data Plans – Single subscriber identification, shall allow subscriber to have one data plan that can be used across multiple networks of the operators such as 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, fixed broadband, Wi-MAX regardless of the number of devices. It is also very flexible in allowing individuals to share their data bundle with other subscribers. The solution has extensive technical and engineering advances that would significantly improve the performance of its policy function.

.. With over 800+ million end-users, Mahindra Comviva’s end-to-end Internet & Broadband Solutions help service providers Manage, Optimize and Monetize their broadband infrastructure in the most efficient manner".

See "Mahindra Comviva unveils its all new Smart Policy Controller version 5.0" - here.

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