Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ericsson - Improve QoE by Radio Access and Transport Network Interaction

A new paper by Stefan Dahlfort [pictured], Shahryar Khan, Jonas Rosenberg, Anton Smith, Shuo Yang Y, Mats Forsman, and Tomas Thyni, all from Ericsson, presents a new concept for QoE Imprvement.

"The demand for mobile-broadband services is causing network congestion. While such congestion tends to be temporary, it has a significant impact on user satisfaction. By adopting a holistic approach to network architecture, one that enables the radio and transport domains to share information, proactive measures to avoid congestion can be put into place, increasing the number of users at or above the desired QoE level"

"Our concept for radio access and transport network interaction [RTI] is a two-step process that first attempts to proactively avoid congestion and then address any congestion issues that cannot be avoided. For example, if information about transport path congestion can be included in the handover decision, moving users to a cell with congested transport can be avoided. But to do this, the RAN needs to be transport aware and the transport network needs to be RAN aware"

See "Radio access and transport network interaction – a concept for improving QoE and resource utilization" - here (full article - here)

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