Thursday, July 16, 2015

NI Deployments [360]: SK Telecom [Korea] Uses Accedian to Realize QoS Visibility

Accedian Networks announced the ".. deployment of its market leading performance monitoring solution across the SK Telecom mobile network — encompassing 12,000 locations across the six largest cities in South Korea, with plans to extend coverage to all sites serving over 28 million subscribers nationwide. 

SK Telecom operates a sophisticated multi-vendor network, ensuring each supports the RFC-5357 two way active measurement protocol (TWAMP), a vendor-independent, global performance monitoring standard. Accedian’s centralized monitoring solution acts as a uniform instrumentation layer, centralizing a real-time view of network performance throughout the network. Where access equipment lacks TWAMP standards support, SK Telecom installs Accedian’s Nano smart SFP modules to ensure ubiquitous network coverage from end-to-end.
With the Accedian solution, SK Telecom improves network performance by:
  • Ensuring service performance standards using key KPIs that can proactively mitigate risks to customer experience proactively
  • Detecting traffic bursts and optimizing their LTE network to reduce Quality of Service (QoS) impact
  • Locating bottlenecks for improved overall capacity
  • Identifying and correcting any network mis-configurations immediately
  • Optimizing fault failover to eliminate service downtime and improve network quality

Having this real-time stream of Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics integrated with SK Telecom’s own performance assurance network management system (NMS) and SDN controllers allows them to optimize end-to-end user experience with performance trending and proactive fault management. Direct reporting to operational and business support systems (OSS/BSS) allows all regions in the SK Telecom network to monitor performance, 24/7". 

See "Accedian Monitoring Solution Applied to SK Telecom’s Network to Assure End-to-End Performance" - here.

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