Monday, March 22, 2010

Net Neutrality Train Next Stop: France (?)

The French regulator ARCEP (Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes) will convene on April 13 to discuss Network Neutrality (see press release - here - English !!).

In the video interview below, (French), the Chairman, Jean-Ludovic Silicani, says that it is an important subject, world-wide, and explains the ideas behind Neutrality for fixed and mobile networks, customers, carriers and content providers.

The agenda is here.

Note the participation of Tim Wu, one of the Net-Neutrality promoters. See Tim's "Network Neutrality FAQ" (here) - where he tries to define Neutrality; this is used by many as a reference model and the legal foundation for Net Neutrality

We can also see that HADOPI, that deals with copy-right protection (the 3-strikes law), a high profile issue in France. While it is referred to in the FCC Net Neutrality guidelines (FCC protects "legal traffic" only) - it seems that in the French case it will get special attention.


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