Saturday, October 26, 2013

F5: We are Starting to See Policy Enforcement Wins; Tremendous Progress with Traffix Diameter

Quotes from F5's CEO, John McAdam [pictured], and Manuel F. Rivelo, EVP of Strategic Solutions, made during its Q4, 2013 earning call (revenues were $370M, +9% Y/Y - see "F5 Networks Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2013 Results" - here):
  • We are starting to see wins in the service provider market with our new policy enforcement [see "F5 Announces DPI; 320Gbps/Chassis" - here] and carrier-grade network address translation modules
  • we have also made tremendous progress with our Traffix Diameter solutions for LTE rollouts. Our competitive win rate for Diameter opportunities has strengthened throughout the year, and we believe we have a real technology advantage with our Diameter solution portfolio. We are involved in some large-scale implementations with Tier 1 service provider LTE rollouts and the pipeline of future business continues to grow.
Source: F5
  • We think we've got great a strategy with the consolidation strategy that fits exactly where they want to go in terms of reducing the number of boxes [see "F5: SPs Love the Idea of A single Chassis for DPI, Policy Enforcement, NAT, Steering .." - here], having them in one consolidated solution, whether it's Policy Management, Traffix D, security
  • We feel very confident with our application and Traffic steering solutions, and really confident also with our Diameter stack to take advantage of the 4G movement that's out there
  • .. the 4G movement is really still in its infancy in the sense that only 1/3 of the global operators in the world have moved to Diameter. But the movement over the next couple of years is to 100%. So we expect that these 400 or so mobile operators out there that are going to be implementing Diameter solutions and only growing, over that window of time, their needs.
See "F5 Networks Management Discusses Q4 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript", by SeekingAlpha - here.

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