Tuesday, February 12, 2013

F5 Announces DPI; 320Gbps/Chassis

As mentioned yesterday (see "[Light Reading]: Will F5's DPI have DPI? PCRF?" - here) F5 announced today its Policy Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM). " .. the newest member of its growing portfolio of solutions for fixed and mobile service providers .. generally available now".

"With BIG-IP® Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM)  service providers now have the ability to classify traffic and enforce policy based on applications and subscriber behavior. BIG-IP PEM also provides granular reports on subscriber and application flows, and it integrates with online charging subsystems, giving operators real-time credit control

BIG-IP PEM gives you the ability to classify traffic into several categories of applications and protocols. These are some examples of the types of apps and protocols BIG-IP PEM supports:
  • P2P: BitTorrent, Gnutella
  • VoIP: SIP, Skype, Yahoo!, Jabber
  • Web: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, YouTube, Facebook
  • Streaming: HTTP Streaming, RTSP, HTTP Audio
 .. BIG-IP PEM is a NEBS-compliant platform .. achieve up to 320 gigabits per second L7 throughput, support up to 72 million concurrent connections, and serve as many as 96 million subscribers within a single chassis—helping you manage traffic with fewer servers"

See "F5 announces BIG-IP Policy Enforcement Manager (PEM)" - here.

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