Sunday, May 17, 2015

Active Broadband Adds Support for PPPoE (SDN for G.Fast)

Active Broadband Networks announced the availability of "PPPoE support for its Software-Defined Broadband Network Gateway (SD-BNG), providing a cost-effective alternative to xDSL providers deploying

DSL remains the predominant broadband service delivery mechanism, with more than 60% of the world’s broadband service delivered using this technology. During 2015, many DSL operators will begin to migrate to support, a DSL standard for local loops that improves broadband service performance over copper by providing speeds that exceed 100Mbps. 

As a consequence of making this upgrade, operators will need to revisit their broadband remote access servers/broadband network gateways (BRAS/BNG) infrastructure to accommodate the speed increases they are planning to deliver to their customers.

Support for PPPoE is an enhancement of the SD-BNG platform’s current IPoE support, and includes support for IPv6 and multicast.

See "Active Broadband Announces Cost-Effective Solution for xDSL Providers to Increase Capacity at the Broadband Edge" - here.

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