Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sandvine: Netflix Brings us to the Encrypted Age

Sandvine released a new paper on encrypted Internet traffic. Based on data collected for a live, representative network in North America, the research findings and projections are:
  • Netflix’s recent decision to encrypt their traffic will result in over two-thirds of North American Internet traffic being encrypted in 2016
  • YouTube is the largest source of encrypted traffic in North America, and still a significant contributor of unencrypted traffic
  • Google Play traffic is encrypted, preventing the ability for third-parties to identify the apps, movies, and music being consumed by subscribers. Apple’s iTunes traffic remains unencrypted.
  • The simplicity of the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s “Let’s Encrypt” program, due to launch in mid-2015, will help drive encryption adoption among smaller sites

See "Sandvine: Two-Thirds Of North American Internet Traffic Will Be Encrypted In 2016" - here.

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