Saturday, May 23, 2015

Survey: Mobile Users Have Daily Video QoE Issues, but They don't Complain

Procera's Sr. Director
 of Subscriber Experience 
A recent survey by Procera Networks (responded by 540 consumers - 30% from the U.S., 35% from Europe and 35% from the rest of the world) finds that 60%  feel they "don’t have continuous high-speed coverage".

Other findings:
  • 75% stream video on mobile devices several times per week with 80% expecting this to increase in the future and 70% rating it very important to have good quality video streaming
  • But 90% experience video quality problems every day
Procera finds this both "surprising and troubling":
  • Surprising because "a combined 90% rated their worst experiences as falling into only two categories: poor video quality; and basic connectivity/ coverage problems, and despite the combination of high consumer expectations and poor experiences with mobile coverage and video quality, a combined 85% of them never, or rarely, call customer service"
  • Troubling "considering the trend towards a mostly-mobile lifestyle that is taking place globally".
See more - "[InfoGraphic] Results: Procera Networks’ Mobile Subscriber Experience Survey" - here.

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