Friday, June 26, 2015

ACS Uses Saguna to Bring MEC to Enterprise's Small Cells

Saguna Networks announced that the ".. Saguna Open-RAN platform has been selected by ACS, a part of the $1.5Bn+ Pivot Group .. ACS's new Smart Perimeter Enterprise solution leverages Saguna’s Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) software solution to provide locally provisioned value-added voice, data and video services to small-cell-enabled enterprises.

..ACS’s Smart Perimeter Enterprise Solution™ locally provisioned voice, data and video services reduce Enterprise operating cost and can augment, and even replace, traditional tethered and unlicensed solutions. The MEC-based solution offers new revenue streams to the mobile operator, while saving the client money. It leverages the investment in an IP mobile network and licensed spectrum while improving coverage, reducing the cost of small cell deployment, and providing the analytic data required to ensure a consistently high quality of experience (QoE).

Bob Pike [pictured], CTO at ACS commented “ACS is excited to bring the promise of MEC to the enterprise market and deliver new services from the mobile network radio edge. With the Saguna Open-RAN software, creating a complete MEC solution was fast and simple. We have been able to bring to market a fully integrated and secure, managed MEC platform running multiple value-added services with more to come.”

See "Saguna Open-RAN Mobile Edge Computing Platform Powers ACS New Smart Perimeter Enterprise Solution" - here.

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