Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Procera Enables MNOs to Measure Applications' QoE

Last month Procera Networks published the results of a survey, showing that although mobile users have QoE issues on a daily basis (here) they do not complain. To solve this user's laziness, Procera now unveiled a way for MNOs to measure users' QoE - their "biggest announcement of 2015", I am told.
".. ScoreCard, a new solution enabling improved visibility and measurement of the quality of experience (QoE) that operators’ networks are capable of delivering to subscribers. The solution reports scores separated into application categories that matter the most to subscribers, providing actionable insights about where QoE issues occur in the network and where to target investments and actions for operators to achieve maximum impact on the subscriber experience, network performance and ROI.

ScoreCard measures activities such as web surfing, streaming video, social media, real-time gaming, uploads, downloads and voice applications and scores each of these seven application categories using letter grades from A to F, clearly showing what level of QoE the network can deliver. 

The solution offers different views to visualize QoE by subscriber tier, device or location for operators to fix bottlenecks and prioritize investments. It scores the network by isolating potentially problematic factors including applications, devices, cell towers, latency or throughput and creates value for customer care, marketing, engineering and executive management departments at fixed or mobile broadband providers.

ScoreCard is an out-of-the-box ready solution for operators to deploy physically or virtually that visualizes scores by application, device, location, and subscriber tier. It gives operators the power to fix bottlenecks and make informed decisions about how to deliver an improved subscriber experience and manage subscriber expectations.

Its simplified intelligence enables CAPEX prioritization for improved ROI to justify the cost of network upgrades and build the best network while also benchmarking performance for engineers and consumers to analyze, contrast and compare service levels. This means that operators can avoid over-engineering in the wrong areas, create a more accurate investment plan and clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of any improvements made.

See "Procera Networks Defines Broadband Subscriber Experience with Scorecard" - here.

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