Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ericsson's 2020 Predictions: 14GB/Month, Smartphoneד, Video ...

Some highlights from Ericsson's new Mobility Report, forecasting how mobile data will look like in 2020:
  • Advanced mobile technology will be commonplace around the globe: smartphone subscriptions will more than double, reaching 6.1 billion, 70% of the world's population will be using smartphones, and 90 percent will be covered by mobile broadband networks.
  • Smartphone data is predicted to increase ten-fold, when 80 percent of all mobile data traffic will come from smartphones. Average monthly data usage per smartphone in North America will increase from 2.4 GB today to 14 GB by 2020.

  •  26 billion connected devices 
  • Mobile video traffic will grow by a staggering 55 percent per year and will constitute around 60 percent of all mobile data traffic by the end of that period. Growth is largely driven by shifting user preferences towards video streaming services, and the increasing prevalence of video in online content including news, advertisements and social media.

See "Ericsson Mobility Report: 70 percent of world's population using smartphones by 2020" - here.

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