Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Verizon likes Skype ; Vodafone doesn’t like Google

Two different approaches to the operator – content relations presented today at MWC 2010:

  • As expected, Verizon Wireless announced a partnership with Skype (press release here). "The two companies have created an exclusive, easy-to-use Skype mobile offering for 3G smartphones"
  • Vittorio Colao, Vodafone's CEO, attacked Google (and Yahoo) for their dominance in search and advertizing. Mr. Colao also referred to VoIP and said – “"If Vodafone had a VoIP service, we shouldn't be able to give that better quality of service on our network than a VoIP from a third party. But if a customer gets better service because he is willing to pay more, the same condition should be available to anyone else willing to pay more." – see coverage here
As far as Network Neutrality is concerned - it seems the two sides are getting closer to agreement.

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