Friday, February 12, 2010

The DPI Market – Vendor Landscape

As the DPI market grows (see "The DPI Story – Introduction") and matures we can start to map the vendors in this space. The segmentation below is based on the ”DPI focus” level of each segment (I am using a scale of 1-10) – ranging from “fully focused pure players” to the Global NEPs (Network Equipment Providers) having a DPI feature on some products. Not all vendors are listed in each segment.

For this review, DPI is defined as the network equipment used for traffic control on public networks using DPI primarily to identify traffic and match it with a bandwidth allocation policy (see more here). This is the most common use of DPI today, deployed to handle traffic congestion and reduce bandwidth costs. In some cases, the vendor’s DPI offering is derived from an OEM or partnership agreement.

The analysis does not refer to other uses of DPI, such as charging functions (to be found mainly in GGSN offering), behavior analysis and other content based services.


DPI Focus

Pure Players
10Sandvine, Allot Communications, Procera Networks
DPI as a main offering8Arbor networks (Ellacoya)
Mobile Gateways6Most vendors in this space have partnership/s with a DPI
vendor/s, as DPI based traffic management became a major requirements in this space
NEP with a DPI product5Cisco (SCE/P-Cube), Juniper, Huawei
NEP with DPI as a feature2Ericsson (Redback), Cisco (Startent), Alcatel-Lucent

The 3 pure players are public companies. We can look at their published results for 2009 to try to evaluate the size of the DPI market. Note that not all revenues of these companies come from the ISP/Carrier markets, as they sell traffic control solutions to the enterprise and education markets as well.

2009 Revenues (US$)
Sandvine (TSX:SVC)
·  Fiscal year end on November
·  Reports in CAD$, conversion done at US$0.95
Allot Communications (NASDAQ:ALLT)
Procera Networks (AMEX: PKT)
Based on published Q1-Q3 results ($10.8M) and reported preliminary Q4 results of $9.1-9.5M

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