Friday, August 31, 2012

Monday's Guest Post: Video Optimization can significantly improve QoE

A new guest post will be published on Monday. In his article, "Using Video Optimization to Improve Quality of Experience" my 22nd guest, Indranil Chatterjee, will discuss the new ways video optimization is used by MNOs.

"Video data traffic has been the thorn in mobile operators’ sides for some time – with issues surrounding how to provide high quality video, without compromising other subscribers’ data usage and the video experience itself. Initially, operators sought out video optimization as a blunt instrument to simply cut down the amount of video traffic across the network. By doing this the quality of all video services was compromised – it was a quick fix to a complicated problem. However, since then video optimization has evolved from the blanket solution it once was and has become more flexible, with intelligent congestion-aware solutions capable of significantly improving subscriber’s Quality of Experience (QoE)" says Indranil.

Stay tuned.

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