Saturday, September 1, 2012

[iPass] 43% of Mobile Workers Experienced Bill Shock; Prefer Wi-Fi Over 3G

iPass published its quarterly Mobile Workforce Report which ".. shows that 43 percent of mobile workers reported they had experienced an expensive data roaming bill in the past year and on average encountered a high data roaming bill 1.4 times a year. The average cost of their monthly data roaming bill shock was $1,089. A greater number of mobile workers are taking a stance on data roaming rates as 81 percent of mobile workers state that data roaming prices are too high and 23 percent of mobile workers said they always turn off data roaming when they travel".

"Though mobile workers are rarely without their cellular-connected mobile devices, they overwhelmingly prefer Wi-Fi for common applications. Eighty percent of mobile workers prefer to use Wi-Fi for mobile application use and Wi-Fi was even favored for making international phone calls, which has long been a profit center for traditional telecom service providers. Perhaps the efforts by Skype, Tango, Vonage and others to popularize Wi-Fi calling apps have paid off".

"Data roaming charges are keeping some mobile workers from using applications related to productivity, such as 
email, web browsing and mapping/location services. Employees are less concerned about access to entertainment oriented 
apps like Facebook and audio streaming when data roaming"

" .. 80 percent of mobile workers stated $1-2 per megabyte (MB) to be a reasonable price for mobile/cellular data roaming .. Security is being further compromised with 48 percent of mobile workers admitting to bypassing IT restrictions to enable them to access corporate data".

See "Mobile Workers Report Average Monthly Data Roaming Bill Shock of $1,089 Globally, According to New Data from iPass" - here.

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