Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sandvine: $8M, 20 PTS 32,000, 3 Tier-1 Customers

Sandvine announced that it has "received $8 million in orders from three tier-1 operators. The orders reflect demand for various versions of Sandvine's Policy Traffic Switch (PTS) platform, including more than 20 next generation 100GE PTS 32000s, as well as a variety of software licenses.
Highlighting the global demand for the PTS 32000 platform [see "Sandvine Adds a 200Gbps/2RU appliance" - here], the orders come from operators in Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and North America. The orders were received in Sandvine’s third and fourth quarters with the PTS 32000 units expected to commence shipping in November. The Company anticipates that some of the product revenue in respect of these orders will be recognized in its fourth quarter of 2014 as well as the first half of fiscal 2015.
  • The Asia-Pacific order is from a tier-1 converged operator who selected the PTS 32000 over competing 100GE standalone network policy control solutions after a highly competitive and technically thorough evaluation process. The operator cited the PTS 32000’s performance density and strong performance in trials as key factors behind their selection of Sandvine.
  • The EMEA order is from a tier-1 wireline operator who has been a Sandvine customer since 2010. This operator will be using the PTS 32000 to expand their current Sandvine deployment.
  • The North American order is from a tier-1 cable MSO and long-time Sandvine customer, and represents $4 million of the orders announced today. Sandvine’s customers include five of the top six cable operators in North America and this order further extends Sandvine’s recent success in the North American cable market.
So far in FY2014, Sandvine has announced over $16 million in orders from tier-1 North American cable operators, including one competitive displacement of another standalone solution vendor".
See "Sandvine Receives Orders For New 100ge Policy Traffic Switch 32000" - here

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