Thursday, November 13, 2014

What's Next for Net Neutrality?

FCC Chairman
Tom Wheeler
It is a mess. While the DPI market waits for the Net Neutrality rules, whatever they would be, (see "Allot: US Sales Waits for Net Neutrality" - here) it seems that the FCC decision will be delayed.

The 2nd generation of the FCC Net Neutrality rules should have provided the clearness for "Fast Lanes" (see "FCC: The New Net Neutrality is 'Hybrid'" - here), making the DPI vendors happy (or not - see "Sandvine to the FCC: Internet Fast Lanes are not Needed" - here).

However, a recent statement by President Obama tries to change all that bringing back the ideas of free and open internet with no limitation or traffic blocking (see "Obama Asks F.C.C. to Adopt Tough Net Neutrality Rules" - here). At least the president is consistent, as he said the same things almost 5 years ago (see "Network Neutrality – A Presidential Introduction" - here)

So what's next ? for sure - a delay in the FCC, and slowdown in networks investments by the major carries (see "AT&T to pause fiber spending on net neutrality uncertainty" -here). Will the FCC go with the president's position? the following headlines will probably confuse you:
  • Dana Liebelson and Ryan Grim report to Huffingtonpost - "FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Tells Silicon Valley He's Open To Obama Net Neutrality Plan" (here): " Chairman Tom Wheeler told a gathering of business representatives and public interest groups that he was taking the president's comments under advisement and that he would need the groups' support in the coming fight over net neutrality, according to multiple sources in the meeting"
  • Steve Dent reports to Engadget - "FCC Chairman says he may ignore Obama on net neutrality" (here): "FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has told web giants Google, Yahoo and others that he won't cave to pressure from the White House, declaring "I am an independent agency."".
I welcome comments from people understanding US politics. 

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