Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winners of BBTM Awards 2014: NetCracker (x2), Huawei, Avvasi, Sandvine, Skyfire

The Broadband Traffic Congress 2014 awards, shown with relevant links to recent posts in my blog (see also 20112012 and 2013 awards):
  • Best Big Data Solution for Improving Customer Experience: NetCracker Big Data solution
  • Most Innovative Tool for Driving Real-Time Intelligence: Huawei Real Time Decision Center’ - see "Huawei: Over 3B Subscribers Served by Our SDM" - here
  • Best Optimisation Tool for Managing Video Traffic: Avvasi Q-SRV’ Solution' - see "WIND Mobile [Canada] Uses Avvasi to Improve Video QoE" - here and "Virgin Mobile [France] Deploys Avvasi to Improve Video QoE" - here.
  • Best Real Time Charging Platforms for Customers: Sandvine – 'Sandvine Quota Manager' - see "Sandvine Enables CSPs to Interact Directly w/Subscribers; How does it Work?" - here
  • Best Cloud Solution for Traffic Management: Skyfire Rocket Optimizer’ Solution - see "Opera Adds Audio to Rocket Optimizer" - here
  • Best Analytics for Network Management: Netcracker  'Real Time Analytics Solution' - see "NetCracker Launches SDN/NFV Based Service Orchestrator" - here.

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