Monday, November 10, 2014

Swiss ISPs Agreed on Self-Regulated Net Neutrality W/Traffic Management

Swisscom announced that "Swiss ICT companies act to dispel uncertainties about net neutrality. Swisscom, Sunrise, upc cablecom, Orange and the cable network companies' association Swisscable have formulated a code of conduct on net neutrality. Standing up together for an open Internet, they are also establishing an ombudsman's office which will engage independent experts.

The five co-signatories to the code of conduct are working to keep the Internet in Switzerland open, with all users able to use the content, services, applications, hardware and software of their choice. No services or applications will be blocked. Freedom of information and the free expression of opinion will not be restricted".

HOWEVER the "Notes on the Code of Conduct on Net Neutrality" (here) say that "The Internet must remain open to everyone, but efficient network management is required. For the Internet never has been and cannot be completely neutral, as the term net neutrality would have us believe. Not all data which flows through the Internet is and should be treated equally .. Not all data on the Internet is or should therefore be treated equally, which is how the term net neutrality could be interpreted"

"So, The code states that network management for the purpose of ensuring quality and provision of services tailored to end users may continue
  • When official rulings have to be put into effect,
  • harmful activity blocked or capacity bottlenecks bypassed.
  • In addition, time-critical services may be prioritised, if customers so wish. This includes, for example, IP telephony, television, emergency calls, video conferencing and future telemedicine applications, in which data have to reach customers as quickly as possible.

See "Net neutrality: ICT companies guarantee an open Internet" - here and Net neutrality: Code of Conduct - here/

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