Thursday, January 8, 2015

FCC: "No blocking, no throttling, no paid prioritization"

It seems now that next month's Net Neutrality FCC rules will not allow any traffic management intervention (except, most probably the traditional "reasonable network management" for congestion control).

Alina Selyukh and Malathi Nayak report to Reuters that "Comments by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas appeared to show he leaned toward regulating Internet service providers (ISPs) more strictly under Title II of the U.S. communications law, as Obama has suggested .. "We're going to propose rules that say that no blocking (is allowed), no throttling, no paid prioritization," Wheeler said [skip to 18:40' in the video below].

He said companies' behavior should be measured against a yardstick of whether it is "just and reasonable," referring to a standard often applied to public utility companies to make sure they do not hurt consumers or competition". 

See "FCC chief seen siding with Obama on net neutrality" - here.

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