Tuesday, January 13, 2015

M-GO Uses Beamr to Reduce 4K Video Bit Rate by up to 50%

Beamr announced that "M-GO is using Beamr Video [see "Beamr Launches Beamr Video 2.0 For Improved User Experience and Efficiency in Video Optimization" - hereto provide a best-in-class user experience for the company’s premium streaming service. Based on a patent-pending perceptual quality measure, Beamr Video automatically reduces the bitrate of any H.264 or HEVC HD and 4K video stream by up to 50 percent while retaining the full perceptual quality and format of the original file. 

"The table below summarizes the typical bitrate reduction ratios achieved by Beamr Video optimization for various types of content:

Content SourceBitrate reduction
BluRay Discs50 - 75%
Consumer video cameras (AVCHD, DSC, mobile)50 - 70%
Download services (iTunes, Amazon)40 - 50%
Streaming services (Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube)20 - 40%

See "M-GO Partners with Beamr Video to Provide Best-in-Class Streaming Quality" - here.

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