Thursday, March 25, 2010

Airtel Offers "Cricket without Buffering" on YouTube

Airtel Broadband (India) offers subscribers special QoS for the YouTube cricket channel (IPL) - while "For all others site customers will get their current plan speeds."

Happy customers are also getting an automatic upgrade 2 Mbps speed, but "The 2 Mbps bandwidth is not guaranteed all the time and is dependent of traffic. Our endeavor is to provide 2 Mbps on best effort basis." and "Upgraded speed of 2 Mbps applicable only for live cricket streaming on page and not for other YouTube content".

See here.

All this requires Airtel to decode traffic (identify when someone is surfing to the specific YouTube URL) and change his/hers QoS policy (upgrade to 2 Mbps and prioritize this traffic) during that time.

Nice implementation of DPI and QoS to attract new subscribers!

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