Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reliance Globalcom Uses DPI for App-Aware Services

Reliance Globalcom CTO, Kamran Sistanizadeh, tells Lightreading that "Technology, cost, and customer interest are converging to make application-aware network services a viable and popular option"

Full story here.

While most of the DPI/traffic management stories relate to consumer/home users services (usually over DSL, cable or mobile), this story is about enterprise customers. The big money. Access may be on layer2 or 3, including Ethernet access. Naturally the enterprise bigger sites (data centers) will be connected with higher speed links, while remote branches may use lower speed DSL. Applications will be “enterprise applications” - such as CRM, ERP, Citrix – known also as “mission-critical applications”. However, "recreation traffic" of employees accessing "consumer" internet applications may fall into the mix as well (yes, other people - not us - do it at work).

The idea is for the carrier to provide QoS control, as a service. This may replace enterprise-grade equipment (known as "Wan-Optimization") that can do the same, and usually installed and maintained by the enterprise’s IT staff.

It turms out that Reliance Globalcom still needs DPI to do that - "Sistanizadeh says RG's application awareness platform combines technologies such as Deep Packet Inspection with network optimization, both in software and in appliances, to create a platform for global connectivity and application optimization

See RG site for details on AAN - Application Aware Networking service - here

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