Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boucher Still Working Toward Network Neutrality Legislation

"Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.) said Thursday that he continues to work toward network neutrality legislation and remains solidly behind a free and open internet, but does not think network neutrality should be part of the national broadband plan ... The FCC did not make network neutrality proposals part of the plan. But as a practical matter it didn't have to. The commission is already proposing to expand and codify its network openness principles in a separate proceeding and a majority of commissioners have backed it ... Boucher said he was "talking to the broadband providers, we're talking to the companies that rely on the Internet as a means of transporting their product to their customers, and we're working toward a set of understandings that hopefully we can embody in statute in the not-to-distant future."

Full story, by John Eggerton -- Multichannel News: Boucher Still Working Toward Network Neutrality Legislation

See a previous interview - here. Note that the content providers side is also a target for regulation, according to Boucher.

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