Friday, March 26, 2010

FCC's National Broadband Plan: Net Neutrality, R.I.P., by Doug Hanchard

We have already noticed that Net Neutrality did not make it to the FCC's National Broadband Plan. We also saw that Congress will continue to push it (see "Boucher Still Working Toward Network Neutrality Legislation - here).

However, Doug Hanchard for ZDNet, says it is actually dead: 

"..  You won’t find a single notation or specific comment about Net Neutrality. Did the FCC kill it? Did industry lobby to keep it out of the report? Were the Commissioners divided on the issue? There are several possible answers. The answer is probably all three ... Conclusion: Net Neutrality is dead on arrival. There are bigger broadband issues to solve as Dingell clearly asked, and that is where Congress will focus all of its attention regarding internet broadband services."  

See here .

Message to US carriers, MSOs and MNOs:  You may proceed with your DPI and traffic management plans!

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