Tuesday, May 11, 2010

DPI Announcements - Sandvine's Network Data Analytics Product

Sandvine announced today a new traffic reporting product - its new Network Data Analytics (press release - here). The product competes with Allot's NetXplorer and Procera's PacketLogic Intelligence Center.

According to Sandvine the "Network Data Analytics capabilities include: 
  • Insightful analysis that correlates and compares network trends and predictions across access technologies to assist in capacity planning and the definition of service tiers
  • Measurable business impact through detailed market segmentation and powerful subscriber persona modeling
  • Network-wide visibility that provides real insight into application-level network traffic
  • Integration with billing systems and other account metrics for a holistic view of market segmentation
  • Customizable dashboards with easily understood metrics and visuals that can be tailored to functional roles and responsibilities "
More details - here.

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