Thursday, May 27, 2010

OOKLA: The World Cup Winner is South Korea [in Broadband Speed]

OOKLA, a broadband speed testing company, created the "NET INDEX" - "Based on millions of recent test results from, this index compares and ranks consumer download speeds around the globe. The value is the rolling average throughput in Mbps over the past 30 days where the mean distance between the client and the server is less than 300 miles."

Ookla most recent test results shows that the top 10 countries in download speeds are:  
  1. South Korea                 34.19 Mbps
  2. Latvia                           24.30 Mbps
  3. Republic of Moldova    21.55 Mbps
  4. Japan                           20.35 Mbps
  5. Sweden                       19.81 Mbps
  6. Romania                      18.56 Mbps
  7. Bulgaria                       17.55 Mbps
  8. Netherlands                 17.05 Mbps
  9. Lithuania                      16.70 Mbps
  10. Portugal                       14.65 Mbps
I guess nobody is surprised to see the South Korea (#1) and Japan (#4!) are in the top 10 - but certainly  having Romania and Bulgaria there while not having the USA (ranked #26, with 10.15 Mbps) is a surprise. This alone should justify the FCC's National Broadband Plan !

Complete list - here. I am embarrassed to see my "high-tech" country at #60 ..

Ookla's press release "Ookla Releases Net Index, World's Most Comprehensive Measurement of Broadband Penetration and Performance" - here.


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