Thursday, May 20, 2010

Procera Estimates 2010 DPI Market Size to be $400M

During Procera Netwroks' 1st quarter results call (transcript - here), James Brear, President and CEO, provided some guidance on the global traffic management market size and Procera expected revenues for 2010:

"For the full year 2010 we are reiterating our guidance for total revenue growth of approximately 40% year-over-year or $28 million. We believe the total adjustable market for network traffic management will increase by 33% in 2010 to approximately $400 million, up from $300 million in 2009. We expect Procera will continue to grow above market and take share"

Procera DPI market size makes sense, considering the revenues of the other pure-players public companies (Allot, Sandvine) and estimates of the other players  - standalone products from Cisco, Arbor (Ellacoya) and DPI "features" or "modules" of other network elements, such as GGSNs. Nevertheless, Procera revenues for Q1 were $3.3M (12% increase year-over-year) - products and services - but according to Mr. Brear "We want to remind investors of our typical seasonality of our business on a quarterly basis"

See also "Public DPI Vendors (ALLT, PKT, SVC) - Q1 Results Comparison"  - here.

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