Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sandvine CTO on Reasonable Network Management

Sandvine CTO, Don Bowman, outlined during the NCTA Cable Show the keys for "reasonable traffic management", that may coincide with Net Neutrality.

We saw similar view from Procera CEO - see "Procera CEO: "we are back to where we were before the Comcast ruling" - here.

According to Bowman (press release - here), there are 5 keys: 
  • Operate when and where it is needed.
  • ... “reasonable” must be considered in the context of the problem being solved and be considered in terms of the end user’s Internet experience
  • Address a technical need, for example, a targeted goal of congestion management or quality of experience
  • Be transparent and disclosed in a simple and predictable manner
  • Any such policies should be auditable and provide a mechanism to demonstrate how the objectives of the policy are being met
See my related post "Net Neutrality Speculations and 3UK" - here - proposing the similar principles.

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