Monday, May 3, 2010

New York Times: Vodafone, Telefonica, Swisscom, Kabel Deutschland Position on Traffic Management

NYT's  Kevin J. O'BRIEN covers the recent trends in traffic management vs. Net Neutrality debate - "Web’s Users Against Its Gatekeepers" - here.

Mr. O'Brien interviews of the European operators provide a direct testimony for their traffic management needs and/or actual deployments:
  • Frederic Gastaldo, the head of strategy and innovation at Swisscom:  “..However, customers who do excessively use our data network are a big challenge for us
  • Georg Merdian, director of the company’s infrastructure regulation Kabel Deutschland: We anticipate we will soon have to use some kind of management techniques
  • Richard Feasey, public policy director, Vodafone  “We use a form of network management to say, ‘I’m sorry, you are not going to be able to get the same level of service unless you decide to top up'” 

  • Robert Mourik, director of regulatory policy in Europe, Telefónica: “We have an explosion of traffic, but our revenues have not been growing at the same pace or staying flat ... What we are looking to do are commercial deals.”

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