Thursday, January 6, 2011

FCC: We Need "Apps" to Monitor Naughty Service Providers

The FCC published a challenge for “Apps” developers. Instead of Angry Birds, they want angry broadband customers.

Labeled as “FCC Open Internet Apps Challenge” (here) it says that “The Open Internet Challenge seeks to encourage the development of new, more effective applications that provide users with information about the extent to which their fixed or mobile broadband Internet services are consistent with open Internet principles. These software tools could, for example, detect whether a broadband provider is interfering with DNS responses, application packet headers, or content

They go further - it seems that the FCC is allowed to track behavior  (unlike others - here) : “These applications should also collect anonoymized data that can be used for network research and analysis of patterns and trends in Internet openness"

Instead of the usual $0.99 per app download -  "The winners of the Open Internet Challenge will be invited to FCC headquarters in Washington, DC, to present their work to the Commission and to be honored with an FCC Chairman’s reception. Winning apps and research will be featured on the FCC’s website and social media outlets. Winners will be reimbursed for authorized travel expenses

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