Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sandvine is Optimistic with New Net Neutrality Rules

Like other players (see "DPI and Policy Management Vendors Are OK with New Net Neutrality" - here) Sandvine also finds the recent Net Neutrality order as "appears to stabilize the environment for deploying Sandvine’s Network Policy Control solutions in the United States", and provides deeper analysis of the different parts of the order in respect to Sandvine's solution for business intelligence, traffic optimization, tiered services and network security.
See a post to the company's blog by Don Bowman (picture), CTO, "FCC Open Internet Rules Summary" - here.

"Notably, for Sandvine, the Order appears to preserve an environment in which deployment of Sandvine’s Network Analytics, Fairshare, Usage Management and Quota Management policy applications can continue to thrive .. It certainly appears that the gathering of network data is not precluded in any way by the Order, and, to the contrary, may be a necessary pre-requisite to assessing compliance with the Orde .. The Order explicitly recognizes the ability of service providers to take action with respect to harmful network traffic and to utilize solutions such as the Network Protection solution offered by Sandvine .. The FCC expressly acknowledged that this previous standard was unnecessarily restrictive .. In the same paragraph the Order states that service providers “need not necessarily employ the most narrowly tailored practice theoretically available to them"

See also "Net Neutrality Approval Reopens US Market for DPI and Policy Management" - here and "The FCC’s Open Internet Rules – Stronger than You Think" (here).

The latter, by Barbara van Schewick (picture), Associate Professor of Law at Stanford Law Schoolrefers to former (my post) saying that "Thus, those interpreting the decision as the beginning of a bright future for the vendors of deep packet inspection devices for the mobile Internet may have celebrated too early

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