Monday, January 17, 2011

Resource: Learn about ISP Peering

Broadband Traffic Management always had a strong business case in managing the traffic coming or leaving the ISP's network. P2P control, video caching and other solutions' ROI are based on the cost of bandwidth. The recent Level3/Comcast conflict (here) shows another aspect of ISP/Carrier to ISP/Carrier relations.

DrPeering International is a great site to learn on the peering economy. The founder, William B. Norton, expert in internet peering, shares his vast knowledge with the public.

Anyone interested with the different arrangements between ISPs, Tier1/2/3 carriers, in US or elsewhere will find lots of useful information in the site.

Start with "Internet Service Providers and Peering v3.0" - here and continue with the other whitepapers (list - here)

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