Saturday, January 22, 2011

Policy management is becoming a key technology for mobile operators (Vodafone, Orange)

A comprehensive article by Roy Rubenstein (picture), for Total telecom on policy management concludes that "Policy management is becoming a key technology for mobile operators as they tackle rapid data traffic growth in their networks: The ability to adapt a subscriber’s session enables operators to address traffic congestion and ensure service quality. But policy management is also enabling operators to be more creative in their service plans and even to deliver services consistently irrespective of the access network"

See "TECHNOLOGY TRENDS: POLICY MANAGEMENT" - here. (subscription required).

"Susie Kim Riley, chief marketing officer at Tekelec, says she recently attended a conference where Vodafone [here] presented graphs that showed the benefits it is experiencing from implementing the vendor’s policy infrastructure. “They were rather dramatic,” she says. “As soon as they started implementing [policy management], the network growth started to taper off because they were actively managing their network peaks.” Vodafone has managed to reduce peak traffic by 16%–24%, claims Riley"

See also "Policy Management: What Does Telefonica Need Now?" - here and "Infonetics Research: Policy Management is not only Bandwidth Control; Names Top3 Vendors" - here.

"Yves Bellego, head of network strategy at Orange, describes policy management as one of a set of features the operator is exploring across its networks for traffic management and ensuring quality of service (QoS). Orange’s focus is on wireless, but policy management is already in use for its wireline services to enable parental control of content. For mobile, Orange is using the technology to enact a fair-usage policy, downgrading a user’s download throughput once they exceed their monthly quota .. Orange’s Bellego and his team are exploring differentiated services. “We recognise this is technically feasible. However, is there any interest in doing it [from a business perspective]?”"

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