Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Saguna/Jet-Stream: Joint Acceleration and CDN Solution for Mobile Networks

Saguna's Solution
Saguna Networks (see "Saguna (Mobile RAN Optimization) Raised $1.5Mhere) and Jet-Stream announced a ".. strategic collaboration between the two companies on the delivery of federated Content Delivery Network solutions for mobile networks .. providing an integrated offering that combines Saguna Networks’ Saguna CODS™ for optimizing the delivery cost of web content and applications over mobile networks and Jet-Stream’s VideoExchange™ Content Delivery Network technology".

"The joint offering allows mobile network operators to leverage their RAN investment into an Intelligent Network that can actively manage and deliver content to mobile subscribers directly from the network edge. This innovative solution offers new monetization opportunities for mobile network operators and creates a CDN network that delivers valuable quality of experience that matters to content owners and subscribers".

Lior Fite (pictured), CEO at Saguna Networks said: “.. Mobile operators using our joint solution can now actively participate in the OTT market and offer CDN services that guarantee the best possible view experience for subscribers”.

See "Joint solution allows mobile operators to monetize content delivery for best available viewing experience" - here.

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