Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Saguna (Mobile RAN Optimization) Raised $1.5M

Saguna, a vendor of mobile caching solutions, has "raised $1.5 million from private investors at a company value of $4.5 million, after money .. Incubator Xenia Venture Capital Ltd. owns 18.4% of Saguna".

Saguna CODS™ software elements (CODS-AN™ and CODS-MR™) are located within the mobile core network and the RAN, totally transparent to all network layers (transport, mobility, service and to terminal devices), perform the following main functions:
  1. Pushing internet traffic directly to base-station locations thus by-passing expensive Mobile - Core elements and freeing the backhaul bottlenecks. 
  2. Caching frequently used files at the base station location
  3. Optimizing content delivery over the air interface by implementing proprietary patented Cross Layer Optimization technology
See story by Yehudit Selam in Israeli new site, Globes - "Mobile Internet co Saguna Networks raises $1.5m" - here.

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